Brief User Guide for the General Euler Diagram Embedding Tool

Download the General Embedding Tool

This tool needs Java 1.6 or greater download Java here

Please note: This tool is experimental. It is subject to unexpected crashes and input validation is not really performed.

The software is based on the research in this paper:
General Euler Diagram Generation. Peter Rodgers, Leishi Zhang, and Andrew Fish. In Proceeding Diagrams 2008, LNCS (LNAI) 5223, pages 13-27. Springer, September 2008.
Follow this for the full text in .pdf format.

Quick start for displaying an Euler diagram


If you have a connected plane dual graph on the display, with an empty vertex in the outer face and no duplicate vertex labels, then the following functions will work:

Euler Diagram Functions

Editing The Graph

It is possible to create any required dual, and manually lay it out using these editing functions.

Note that the graph must:

These things may cause problems:

The menu options under the “Euler Diagram” menu, or keys "F1"-"F5" give the basic operations required to create an effective dual for embedding an Euler diagram