The applet on this page is experimental software designed to demonstrate the principles of drawing Euler diagrams with circles.

Start the demo. It requires the Java plugin version 6.0 or greater.

If you use the results of this applet, we encourage you to reference the paper that describes how it works:

G. Stapleton, J. Flower, P. Rodgers, J. Howse, Automatically Drawing Euler Diagrams with Circles, accepted by the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing 2012.


Using the Applet

When the program starts it should show a window:

To draw a particular specification, enter it into the top text box and then press the "return" key:

Other ways to draw diagrams include the 'draw Venn 3' button which draws the specification "a b c ab ac bc abc". To cycle though a number of examples, press the 'draw next test case' button.

Alternative decomposition and recomposition strategies are available through the drop down boxes.


An earlier circles applet (which has some bugs).


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